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COVID-19 Update
Because of the major challenges that everyone faces at the moment due to COVID-19, ISMAR will extend the paper submission deadline by four more weeks. We understand that a lot of researchers are currently facing major challenges with regards to in-person user evaluation. Thus we encourage authors to consider alternative ways for validation instead of canceling a submission. We will also point this out in the reviewing guidelines and highlight that a user study is not the only way to validate results. We also urge all attendees to keep informed on risks, precautions, and symptoms:

[March 30, 2020] Abstract submission
[April 6, 2020] Paper submission
[April 13, 2020] Abstract submission
[April 20, 2020] Paper submission

[June 15, 2020] Final notification
[July 17, 2020] Camera ready
[May 11, 2020] Abstract submission
[May 18, 2020] Paper submission
[June 26, 2020] Reviews sent to authors
[June 30, 2020] Rebuttals due
[July 15, 2020] Final notification
[July 17, 2020] Final notification

[August 17, 2020] Camera-ready

We specifically invite contributions from areas such as Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction, Psychology, Computer Vision, Optics, and in particular VR, and how these areas contribute to advancing AR / MR / VR technology.

[July 24, 2020] Submission Deadline
[August 31, 2020] Final notification
[September 11, 2020] Camera-ready

The poster session is a fix-point of ISMAR, where the community engages in a discussion about the benefits and challenges of AR in other research and application domains.

[September 14, 2020] Submission deadline
[September 28, 2020] Final notification
[October 12, 2020] Camera-ready version

The ISMAR demonstration track is the hands-on part of the conference for showing your work and engaging with the ISMAR attendees. Your demonstration can take the shape of a live interactive demo, a lab or corporate exhibition, an interactive art exploration or any combination of these!

[June 8, 2020] Proposal deadline
[June 22, 2020] Acceptance notification
[July 10, 2020] Call-for-Participation
[August 28, 2020] Notification of acceptance
[September 14, 2020] Camera-ready
[June 19, 2020] Proposal deadline

[June 26, 2020] Proposal deadline
[July 3, 2020] Acceptance notification
[July 17, 2020] Call-for-Participation
[September 4, 2020] Notification of acceptance
[September 21, 2020] Camera-ready

The purpose of the workshops is to provide participants with the opportunity to present and discuss research ideas on cutting-edge research topics related to Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality as Science & Technology and Arts, Media, & Humanities. We encourage researchers from different academic communities as well as from industry and public institutions to bring together and to collaborate and discuss with each other about possible future topics and trends.

[July 14, 2020] Proposal deadline
[August 7, 2020] Proposal deadline
[July 28, 2020] Acceptance notification
[August 21, 2020] Acceptance notification

The purpose of the tutorials is to expand the knowledge in the fields of Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality and foster the next generation of researchers, developers, and artists.

Doctoral Consortium

[August 27, 2020] Submission deadline
[September 11, 2020] Submission deadline
[September 20, 2020] Notification
[September 27, 2020] Camera-ready version

The ISMAR Doctoral Consortium provides an opportunity for Doctoral students to present and receive feedback about their research in an interdisciplinary workshop, under the guidance of a panel of mentors selected from experienced people in the field. We invite students who feel they would benefit from this kind of feedback on their research to use this unique opportunity to share their work with students in a similar situation as well as senior researchers in the field.

Student Volunteers

[September 10, 2020] Submission deadline
[September 20, 2020] Notification
[September 28, 2020] Notification

The student volunteers keep running ISMAR smoothly. They man the registration desk, help setting up demo sessions and provide support to the organizing committee. For the upcoming ISMAR, we need friendly and responsive volunteers to help us out.

[October 21, 2020] Submission deadline
[October 29, 2020] Notification of acceptance

The Pitch-Your-Lab sessions provide the opportunity for promoting the lab’s reputation and facilitates potential collaborations.

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